:U quack

A doodle. I guess I’ll strart drawing again.
My friend asked me to draw a princess, on a horse, with two sets of teeth…….. this happened.

Here’s a bunch of old monstery/scary things I did. I went ahead and uploaded the sketch dump version cause I have no idea where all the originals are now.

This is amazing!

I’m squid and I’m serious about this blog.




I drew a female monster. This is rare, heck, I rarely draw male monsters. Most of the creatures I draw are genderless, or are hermaphrodites. Just art. Chill.

So I’m getting rid of all my digital art from this tumblr. I think it looks sloppy, so I’ll only be posting my traditional art here from now on :I

I tried doing a gif again…. . _.” 
This enigma is very grumpy. I wouldn’t advise talking to it.
This is “The Knower”.  Its one eye sees all, and it can answer all questions.
Snape, Snape, Cerberus Snape.